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Hi, I’m Theresa.

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Finding the balance between creative concepts and diligent details is encoded in my DNA. I’ve dedicated my career to bridging gaps from brainstorms to finish lines. I embrace work that involves both big-picture strategies and rigorous roll-up-the-sleeves tasks.

I’ve applied my wide range of interests and talents across many industries, including Utilities, Healthcare, Media, Hospitality, and Non-Profit. Regardless of their trade or craft, my clients are brought peace of mind through my expertise in training, communications, project management, relationships, and overall culture development.

Today, I love leading workshops about everything from time management hacks to mindful goal setting. And I thrive on propelling projects towards a successful finish line with an artillery of cohesive tips & tools.

My career highlights include receiving credit as an inventor on patent #20140172697; facilitating the speedy and successful launch of the Clover system for small businesses; bringing fresh ideas to the utility space as an Innovation Consultant for Southern Company, and developing extensive competency-building programs for dozens of organizations across the globe.

Some other fun feathers in my cap:

  • I’m an improv performer, comedy writer, and storyteller.
  • I worked at Disney World and as the mascot at Georgia Aquarium.
  • I have my motorcycle license and scuba certification. Oh, and I survived a skydiving accident.

“Theresa’s growth mindset, exuberant energy, openness to ideas and willingness to learn make her an immense asset to anyone who chooses to work with her.”

— Katie, Senior Product Manager

I’m Guided By Unshakable Beliefs.


I believe wisdom is born from knowing more than your industry. Learning each other’s stories improves our chances of collective success.


Seriousness, even sadness, has a time and a place. But I believe chronic pessimism is just a waste of energy.


We are all in this together so let’s act like it by practicing radical inclusivity. We are all doing our best with the information and resources we have so let’s give each other grace. Our mistakes and imperfections make us human.


The only games I am interested in are the ones played in arenas. I believe barriers are obliterated through honesty and clearly stated intentions.


I believe in operating from a place of logic, not fear. There is a power in making decisions, taking one step at a time, and holding ourselves accountable.

What’s in a name?

The Fiery Feather embraces all things dichotomous: the heated focus of flame and the soaring possibilities of flight. By existing at the intersection of structure and soul, The Fiery Feather celebrates harmony and doesn’t shrink from tension. Every success story is born from the exciting challenge of finding, optimizing, and maintaining balance.

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