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“All participants walk away from her sessions having learned something, no matter their experience level. I couldn’t recommend Theresa enough as an enthusiastic trainer with engaging and relevant content.”

— Caitlyn Nolan, Project Manager

Speaking Engagements

There’s nothing better to jumpstart change than an encouraging talk from an outside source. Our talks inspire growing, constructive and dynamic workplaces with talks that ignite collaboration.

Theresa has lectured everywhere from Georgetown University, to the headquarters of financial institutions, to the virtual stages of nonprofits. She loves sharing the wisdom that she has gained from her years in sales, product development, training, and innovation. Theresa’s talks highlight both her personal experiences and her depth of knowledge and research around human behavior and group dynamics. She inspires and transforms her audience with humor, vulnerability, and tactical takeaways.

Follow Theresa along her journey of “learning the hard way” and how imperfections and missteps can build a deep sense of grit, resilience, and professional maturity.

“Innovation” is a buzzword that has been overused and has become loaded at best – meaningless at worst. This talk inspires the audience to recognize the value of experimentation, and embrace the innovations they are already creating on a daily basis. Examples are shared on how one small action can influence significant improvements.

This talk outlines “The Hero’s Journey” as a foundational framework for networking, sales, change management, or leadership. Participants learn to take themselves out of the spotlight and use empathy to make their audience, prospect, or user the highlight of the story.

Whether navigating a pandemic or just turning over a new leaf, this talk is relevant for individuals or teams who are going through volatile changes and perhaps need to hit reset.

“Working with Theresa is a joy due to her highly collaborative style and expertise across many subject areas. She has an extensive array of frameworks, knowledge sources, and human connections.She can tap into a wealth of additional resources that further extend her value to a company, team, or audience.”

Katie Huie, Senior Product Manager, US Bank


Professional development and personal growth takes concerted focus and attention. Spark lasting momentum and transform team culture with our customized workshops.

Each session is crafted using adult learning theory. We apply techniques inspire individuals, empower tangible results, and drive meaningful change overall.

Many of us have experienced the true enemy of productivity in the office: a poorly run meeting. With the right tools to prepare and the best approach to encourage engagement, this workshop enables you to consistently host purposeful conversations that leverage real results.

We all have coachable moments – whether you’re seeking out constructive criticism or providing it to your peers, this session equips you to recognize those conversations as key opportunities for personal growth and relational trust.

This presentation highlights time management best practices (including the “Getting Things Done” method and Pomodoro technique), empowering participants to kickstart their own healthy and effective daily routines that will serve them throughout their career.

We’ve all got habits that impact our roles and relationships at work. Attendees of this workshop will improve and nurture their sense of self-awareness. We will also prime you for success in working alongside others with contrasting tendencies and strengths.

This interactive lecture helps participants create safe spaces and gain confidence in awkward (or toxic) situations. We help you tackle the hard stuff: overcoming objections in negotiation, de-escalating conflicts, and gracefully saying no. All are invited to participate in this session, but it will especially benefit sales teams and new leaders.

Meeting & Event Facilitation

The whole team needs to be able to fully participate in brainstorming sessions, strategic planning meetings, and team building events. That includes leadership.

Fiery Feather gets you out of the weeds by helping you plan and execute the best meeting you’ll have all year. We facilitate conversations where all ideas are heard and documented, where objectives get met on time, and – believe it or not – everyone enjoys themselves.

“Theresa is a powerfully open person who consistently encourages people through complex business and social situations. As a strategic partner, her ability to take on all of my tangents and make directional sense of them is an art form few people have. As a facilitator, her levity and energy pull people and ideas into the conversation. All of these skills combined make her an incredible friend and collaborator, a thoughtful team player, and a leader very worth of following.”

Shelton Davis, Founder, Empathy Lab

Performance Consulting

Productive teams should feel joyful. When your team is struggling to collaborate or engage – your bottom line and sanity are compromised.

Fiery Feather is here to help you diagnose and recalibrate. We’ll facilitate honest discussions to identify challenges in team culture and teach healthy collaboration techniques. Whether it’s one-on-one or group coaching, a single retreat or an extended contract, Fiery Feather will get your team back on track and to help each team member to shine.

“Theresa’s genuine passion for helping our team reach its full potential shines through in every important piece of culture-building wisdom she shares. Theresa’s thoughtful guidance during this early stage of our journey has empowered us to be closer as a team, more organized as a company, and even stronger as an industry up-and-comer.”

Michelle Khouri, CEO and Founder, FRQNCY Media

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