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Top 5 Productivity Books You Should Read in 2021
My expertise in Productivity Consulting comes from a combination of first-hand experience and secondary research. The first-hand experience includes everything from fundraising to product innovation, at startups and Fortune 100 firms, across industries from Healthcare to Hospitality. By secondary research, I don’t mean long-term-huge-scale academic studies, but rather the fact that I am an absolutely
Optimizing Work-Life Balance: Leaders Who Rest
It may seem like working from home in sweatpants is a welcome and relaxing change from the days of suits-ties-and-traffic-jams, yet many of my clients and colleagues still experienced major burnout this year. It seems there was a sense of responsibility to keep furiously paddling the boat ... instead of leveraging the wind in the
Wait For It: Productive Patience During Election Week
Collectively, we humans are not a patient bunch. (Don’t agree? Just scope out the host stand at a Cheesecake Factory 19 minutes after the hostess told Chad that his party of six would have to wait 20 minutes for a table.) And who can blame us!? Every technological advance from the hot air balloon to
Put an End to Productivity Punishment
Find the remedy with your customized permission slip to R.E.S.T. I HAVE NO CHILL I’ve been told this more than once. It’s not a surprise or anything … I’m relatively self-aware. But I often wish I had an off button from my reputation as “the responsible one”. I have always tended to equate my self-worth
Hang On To Your Mistakes
Hang On To Your Mistakes
Sorry Marie Kondo, this is one thing I’m not throwing away. As a self-improvement junkie, I don’t think I’ll ever come to a place of satisfaction with my own level of knowledge or performance. I don’t try to overdo it (like, settle down Ironman runners, amiright?) but my thirst for more quality, more impact, more
When Busy Feels Safe, Leaders Beware
When Busy Feels Safe, Leaders Beware
Good leaders are stepping up to shine during the COVID-19 crisis. Think for a moment about how you are personally responding to the stress of this pandemic situation. It’s a big one, it’s a whopper, no doubt. But are you responding to this particularcrisis differently than you respond to other more minor stressors that you’ve
To Keep Or To Cancel
Managing your commitments when stress runs high. I used to be the queen of cancelling. Not many years ago, in my less self-aware days, if I saw a collaboration meeting or a status update meeting on my calendar and I wasn’t really feeling excited or prepared for it, I’d just cancel it. Could it wait

Theresa M. Ward

I love leading workshops about everything from time management hacks to mindful goal setting. And I thrive on propelling projects towards a successful finish line with an artillery of cohesive tips & tools. Read more…

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