Customized Productivity Training Boosts Employee Engagement

How a simple 4-part series created lasting effects for technical writer team

The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on every team. White Deer Group continued to grow and thrive, but did need to shift their working structure from in person to remote. This left a gap in the team’s sense of connection and effectiveness.

“It can be really hard to honor differences – especially with a fully remote team.” – Michelle Newcome, Founder

Michelle asked Theresa to customize a four-part training series for their entire company. While the team had offered technology and tools to help employees be more productive in the past, there had not been a universal alignment on how different styles impact the intersection of creativity and productivity. The objectives were to define a shared understanding of what “good work” looks like and get everyone on the same page. During the engagement, Theresa took time to understand and honor how different personalities and life circumstances impact each teammate’s approach to work, weaving in a true sense of humanity throughout the training.

“Theresa is one of the best communicators I’ve worked with and she kept everything very organized, understandable, and in forward-motion at all times. Her organization and reminders were awesome for us to stay on track. She really listened to what we needed.” – Michelle Newcome, Founder, White Deer Group

The White Deer Group team was left with a common language and process to use with one another, as well as a sense of confidence and comfort in having difficult conversations about what it means to do good, meaningful, productive work.

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