New Onboarding Helps Rejuvenate Staff

How The Fiery Feather Revitalized Buckhead Church’s Team Energy & Mission

One of the largest church networks in the U.S., North Point Ministries’ Buckhead Church approached Theresa in search of a custom onboarding program to improve volunteer operations, reduce turnover and increase engagement – all without putting additional pressure on the staff, who manage hundreds of volunteers each week.

The improvements and innovations Theresa made to Buckhead Church’s curriculum drastically enhanced the warm and polished sense of hospitality that is so critical to their mission.

Theresa initiated this project by conducting a Current State Analysis. After interviewing volunteers, leaders and staff across a wide range of demographics, she identified the most pressing issues in need of attention. She teamed up with the staff to develop a customized onboarding curriculum tailored to eliminate these issues and keep the organization seamlessly moving forward.

Theresa instituted 1) calendar timelines so all parties knew what to expect, 2) direct communications between volunteers and leaders, 3) high-functioning assets that volunteers could reference, as needed, and 4) an assigned facilitator for consistent on-site training.

Buckhead Church then ran a two-month pilot implementing the new approach.

Long-time veteran leaders of the church were so excited about the success of her curriculum that they asked to participate in the onboard training, despite their tenures.

With Theresa’s new streamlined onboarding process in full effect, Buckhead Church’s staff was able to focus on more critical goals and often-reprioritized initiatives. In fact, according to a volunteer survey:

95% of participants in the new onboarding program left feeling extremely comfortable in their role and excited for their next shift.

Volunteer leaders and staff members also provided glowing feedback of the new program, which resulted in increased productivity and renewed energy toward their goals. Theresa’s model now serves as the gold standard across other church campuses and departments within North Point Ministries.

“Theresa cares for both the person and the process. She helped us with clarity and action.”

— Jason Young, Director of Guest Experience, Buckhead Church

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