Custom Workshop Catches on like Wildfire Across Company

How The Fiery Feather’s One-Day Workshop Boomed into an In-Demand Cross-Departmental Series

Aliera Healthcare first contacted The Fiery Feather in search of a one-time program to help project managers and executive assistants boost their effectiveness in areas such as prioritization, time management, organization, and communication with peers and leaders.

While juggling the mounting pressures of being a high growth company, Aliera understood the value of investing time and resources in its employees’ ongoing professional development. That’s where Theresa M. Ward came in.

Theresa developed and led “The Productive and Proactive Professional,” a custom day-long training for Aliera employees. It was such a success that the company expanded The Fiery Feather’s scope from one workshop to an ongoing series of monthly lunch-and-learns that reinforced application of the skills, monitored progress, provided individual coaching, and strengthened the team’s culture of collaboration.

The original training became popular across the organization and has now been offered to hundreds of Aliera employees, including new hires, sales teams, customer service groups, and team leaders.

By listening to her client’s needs and creating a tailored program to address them, Theresa has helped Aliera build on its culture, strengthen its processes, and increase its overall efficiency – all of which serve as a critical foundation for a company aiming to sustain its rapid growth.

“Theresa was thoughtful when tailoring our company’s training to meet participants’ needs. Regardless of their experience, everyone took something away from the training to help them be successful in their role. We loved Theresa’s enthusiasm and can’t wait to invite her back for the next workshop!” ⁠— Caitlyn Nolan, Project Manager, Aliera Healthcare

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